Heatherworks Programming Services

Sometimes your website needs something more, something you can't get with just wordpress or just HTML. That's where our custom programming comes in.

Using PHP, mySQL, javascript, DHTML, and jQuery, we can build functionality into your website to cover any need you might have. We can integrate third-party software too: paypal, authorize.net, mailchimp, constant contact, google cart, and infusionsoft, just to name a few.

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Wordpress Add-ons

Heatherworks can build a unique page layout, or give you a second database for your site, all within your Wordpress installation. Here we've created a system to edit and display a player roster and game/tournament schedule for a baseball team.

Child themes and custom programming within Wordpress? Heatherworks can do that.

Dynamic catalog

Here we've created a script to upload this nursery's Access database to a MySQL database to power their catalog page. The catalog is long, so we added multiple search options and 'endless' scrolling - loading only one page of results at a time makes the page load much faster.

Work within multiple databases to produce a dynamic, fast-loading and useful site? Heatherworks can do that.

Members and Events

Here we've created a complete membership and event system to allow people to sign up as members, edit their personal information, and add their own events to the event calendar using the custom admin system we built.

Login systems, payment options, client control over the database? Heatherworks can do that, too.