Heatherworks Website Maintenance Services

Heatherworks provides website maintenance solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Maintenance can involve something as simple as changing a sentence or resizing an image, or as complex as adding entire pages or sections, backing up a content-managed website and its associated database, or adding brand-new functionality to a site.

website updates,
when you want them

  • Add or update content and images
  • Add photo galleries
  • Add shopping cart, google maps, paypals buttons, or other third-party software
  • Modify style or layout
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Convert static site to Wordpress
  • Changes to web forms
  • much, much more

enjoy a worry-free website
with regular backups and updates

  • site backup - all files, images, and database
  • analytics report
  • check for broken links
  • check for missing or un-optimized images
  • wordpress core updates and plugin updates

How does it work?


  • No contracts - you only pay for the services you need, when you need them.
  • To-the-minute pricing - you don't have to buy a half hour block of time for an update that takes ten minutes.
  • We'll completely back up your site before making any changes.
  • Just contact Heatherworks with your question or request. We'll get back to you quickly to discuss the specifics of the job. We'll provide a no-obligation quote and a time frame for completion.
  • Pay-as-you-go maintenance is billed at $85/hour.

Save money by pre-purchasing hours

  • 2-hour block of time $150(save $10 per hour!)
  • 4-hour block of time, $280($save $15 per hour!)
  • Need more time? Call today to discuss your needs!
  • Maintenance package hours must be used within 6 months of purchase. Contact Heatherworks for more details.

Monthly Maintenance Plan

  • Weekly backup of site files and database
  • Monthly Google Analytics report
  • As-needed update core files, themes, plugins (Wordpress only)
  • Weekly scan for broken links
  • Weekly scan for missing/un-optimized images
  • Basic maintenance cost: $150/month
  • For more options, Contact Heatherworks.

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